Sunday, May 15, 2011

open day USIM


erm..event nie daa lama,tapi nk citer gak.hehe.sbb it was related to my fav.subject.chemistry.:)..At that time,My friends and I were willing to be...jeng2..heehe..willing to help madam for open day tersayang..:*.err..
We from different tamhidians were seperated into 3 labs..and of course..I at chemistry lab.aigoo~..^.^V.I was so hepy...ngee..*of course lah*

So,we were divided into 4 table..There were a few experiments such as redox reactions,using pH strips..n a few was so boring n of course I thought the visitors felt same as me..T__T..

but..before that,let me introduce u a few of volunteers from different tamhidians.:)

at the back,with the glasses wearing blue black shirt is en.Faris,our lab assistant:)
n the rest: nik,pqah,athirah,miyah,nadiah,zahidah,eliani,najwa,aqasha,wanie,n me:)

n a few pics that were captured by my fren..hehe.*sempat posing dalam lab*igoo..igoo
many visitors from different schools,kindergarden..n many more!..(:..they were really sporting like me!..

.so,next day,,aqasha,nadiah & me,discussed with en.Faris to do other experiment that can amazed our visitors..n ahaaa!we did CHEMICAL GARDEN...igooo~all of our visitors n TNC were really interested with our chemical garden n especially en.Faris.haha.he did a good job by looking for items that we needed.haha..n he was really amazed.!!
well,let see a few picsn we were succeed ! n TNC was impressed with us!hehe..

this chemical garden actually an alkaline:)..see the pH strip grew up fastly..n u can try it.It fun!

en.faris was really proud with our work.Hope to see u next day!
keyboard off..

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